Can you spot the difference between the Trayvon Martin case and the death of Keith Warren?
1.Investigating officers/first responder conducted no real investigation at the scene.
2.The 911 recordings in Trayvon’s case recorded the injustice/ Pictures in the Keith Warren case show the inconsistencies. In both case’s the local police departments were in possession of the information to help to bring justice to both Trayvon and …Keith, but did not release the information willingly.
3.In the situation of Trayvon, Trayvon was convicted of a crime of assault and the injustice was hidden behind the law called “Stand Your Ground” / in the situation of Keith Warren the MCPD convicted Keith of a crime of suicide with no evidence to back up the decision. There was nothing at the crime scene at 1:30pm on the afternoon of July 31, 1986 that the investigating officer/detective to rule this as a suicide, no note and the body was found over 200yards from where Keith lived. The MCPD would like for the family to believe Keith walked a 1/4mile from where his car was parked carrying a 20foot rope through a neighborhood, case of wine coolers, and change of clothes to hang himself behind a house not familiar to the family.

The only difference between Trayvon Martin and Keith Warren is the machine called social media.

Open Letter from Sherri