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Corner said he spoke to victims sister Keith had only one sister “Sherri”, Sherri was out-of-state and she was a minor.  Who did he speak to and how could you blatantly lie on a state sealed document and get away with it?

Eyewitness say that Mark Findley looked like he had been hit by a car or blunt object.  It was also reported Mark’s body was found behind the bike.  Per police report, Mark was riding his bicycle at 5am in the morning and fell off his bike hitting his head and bleeding to death.  This accident happen less than 10miles from where Keith Warren’s body was found and was investigated by the same Montgomery County police department.  Things that make you go “hmmmm”.


Paramedic report on Mark Findley

Dallas Lipp was first on the scene in the death of Keith Warren.  Mr. Lipp is a trained paramedic with a medical background.  Upon first site of Keith Warren strung up on the tree, Mr. Lipp knew something was not quite right and refused to touch the body or go near the scene until police arrived. Can you explain how a paramedic with a medical background knew that this was not a suicide, but a police officer with little to no medical training determined suicide? Dallas Lipp was in support of getting the death certificate changed and signed the document attached in support of Mrs. Mary Couey.

Dallas Lipp paramedic statement

Time line of events per Mrs. Mary Couey

Mother’s Account

Once the pictures were released, the family was able to garner support.

NAACP Official Correspondences

Although the investigating officer obtain information about Keith’s panic attack in 1985, which Dr’s at Duke University hospital described as an anxiety attack , 6hrs after he released the body to the funeral home of his choice and embalmed the body prior to next of kin notification; the police officer continued to try to use the information as justification to explain away the acts of deception already performed.  This is a copy of the release document from the attending physician.

Duke University hospital report

Note: Police interviewed mother 6 hours after body was found and after he sent the body to the funeral of his choice which embalmed the body prior to next of kin notification.  Although there was nothing left but a stump of the tree that Keith was found on, the police only took responsibility to cutting off the branch of the tree. How would you explain the remaining part of the tree disappearing? I wonder if the tree elves came and took the remaining part of the tree.

Police Report